Our Markets

Stoneleigh Products specialises in the sales and marketing of finished consumer products to the UK market place. We do not normally represent loose goods, foodstuffs, commodities, unfinished goods or components but for an informal discussion, please contact us.

Our Optimum Target Demographic

  • Female (30-60 years old)
  • Baby Boomer Generation (Male & Female 50+ years)

The Optimum Target Markets We Work Within

  • Lifestyle, innovative products
  • Alternative Health
  • Sports, Fitness & Body Care

Our target customers tend to be female and family decision makers and then slightly older, pre or post retirement baby-boomers with high disposable income.

If your products fit this profile then Stoneleigh Products is ideally suited for your business. If this is not the profile, please feel free to contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your products with you and offer advice.

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