Introduction to Exporting

According to the Wall Street Journal, it is only a small minority of companies (less than 20%) that even make an attempt to export their products outside their own borders.

Why would this be?

The reason is that exporting with no presence in the target market is difficult, risky, potentially expensive and can consume a lot of management time. Therefore it is often easier to stay at home in the domestic market, especially for the smaller to medium sized business.

Advantages of Exporting Products to the UK

But what advantages does exporting give a business, especially with a partner such as Stoneleigh Products Limited?

  • Firstly, exporting provides sales. Increasing sales volume will work your fixed assets harder (e.g. the utilisation time of machinery) and can substantially increase your profits. It can also be a way of clearing excess inventory.
  • Secondly, exporting using a partner can be quite easy if it is set up correctly. Stoneleigh Products would act as your sales and marketing department in the UK and therefore if all goes well, there may be not much more effort than just shipping the goods.
  • Thirdly, buyers in the UK want to buy your products. Buyers (such as wholesales and retailers) also need companies like Stoneleigh Products to be the channel that presents new and innovative products to them and then to their customers. Where you are based is not of great importance to them.

Stoneleigh Products is based on our experience of business in the UK and of importing products from around the world including China, Hong-Kong, USA and Europe.

Contact us at Stoneleigh Products to discuss the UK market and how your products can be presented to the UK marketplace.

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