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Success is all about relationships. In business, positive relationships are the key factor that can dictate success of failure. Stoneleigh Products puts the maximum emphasis on building these with you and the UK marketplace. Agreement, cooperation and fairness are principles that have guided us through decades of business.

So why is Stoneleigh Products a good partner to have a relationship with?

  • We are independent business owners since 1989, we are familiar with the pressures of business ownership
  • All three of our former businesses were successfully integrated into larger organisations and still exist today as divisions within these companies. We build things that last and have value.
  • We are ex-importers of our own products from around the world including the USA, Europe and the Far East
  • We have great experience of developing markets via marketing and through the media via PR (Public Relations)
  • We have experience of many routes to market whether B2B (Business-to-Business) or B2C (Business-to-Consumer) 
  • We are based near London – 25kms (15 miles) from London’s Heathrow Airport

Stoneleigh Products knows that you are busy so we spend time initially to very clearly understand your objectives and how to meet them. We document your goals and plan strategies accordingly.

Once we are familiar with your objectives and your products, prior to us proposing an agency agreement we undertake a “discovery” process which will make a brief study of the market for your products and determine an approach to be taken. We will do this before the agreement so that we minimise any mis-understandings and maximise the chances of success.

We aim to provide:

  • Benefits – you have an external sales and marketing force without the financial commitment
  • Representation of your business in the UK, not just for sales but also for marketing and PR
  • Negotiation of sales on your behalf within an agreed structure
  • Ability for you book the business directly and pay Stoneleigh Products a percentage of the revenue
  • An agency agreement to you, customised to the relationship. Typically this agreement would be for a multi-annual period. The rate of commission would vary regarding the services you would like us to provide and based on sales volumes. We would also document the agreement as to what each of us will do
  • Assurance that your product fits and that we can make it work in a reasonable timeframe

Exploring other Options

  • It may be that you want to move quickly and aggressively into the UK market where time is a key driver. Stoneleigh Products can support you in this effort.
  • You may like to invest in building your market in the UK with us. You may have funding but not management resources to make it happen. Stoneleigh Products can assist you with this in a consultancy type of arrangement.
  • Depending on the type of buyers or market, Stoneleigh Products may stage products in the UK on your behalf (e.g. to optimise shipping on small/medium sized orders). This may reduce your shipping and logistics costs by placing stock closer to the marketplace.
  • Stoneleigh Products are also prepared to consider proposals for representing you in a joint venture or subsidiary arrangement. This gives you a share of the management and profits of the joint venture, but is a more complicated and expensive option but may be worth considering if you plan a long term presence in the UK or Europe.

Contact us at Stoneleigh Products to discuss the UK market and how your products can be presented to the UK marketplace.

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