How does an Import Agency work

The aim of Stoneleigh Products is to make your product a success in the UK market. Our processes and procedures are geared towards making this happen for your company. This of course will not be possible for all products and our goal is to identify with you the factors that will give us the best chance of success.

Stoneleigh Products starts by discussing in detail your products with you, their strengths and weaknesses. Are they the correct fit for the UK market? Are the costs and price points correct for the market?

Agency Agreements

If things are positive, then we will make an agency agreement between us. Stoneleigh Products will present to you an agency agreement which details the commitments between the parties, the timescales and the commission and bonus structure. In most cases, the formal sales orders will be between the customer and the product owner direct but negotiated by Stoneleigh Products on your behalf. Payments to Stoneleigh Products will be based on the revenues you receive from the export customers and will be paid when you get paid.

Once the agreement is in place, then the hard work starts. Initially, Stoneleigh Products would not expect you to be involved in the initial stages of selling. This may change as the final points of a contract are discussed, but is not necessary in all cases. Development takes time, so Stoneleigh Products would advise on realistic timescales and expectations and keep you up to date with progress.

The UK is a vibrant marketplace for good products of all shapes and sizes. The difference between success and failure is organisation. Stoneleigh Products can provide this to you.

Contact us at Stoneleigh Products to discuss the UK market and how your products can be presented to the UK marketplace.

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